"Oni idą."

Translation:They are walking.

January 24, 2016

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why isn't 'they go' correct?


They say, «“Idą” means that the action is happening right now. “They go” = “Oni chodzą”».


Then why "ja idę" only accepts "i am going" not "i walk"? Different meaning for plural or 3rd person?


No. It needs to be in the continuous tense to convey the same meaning. Both 'are going' and 'are walking' are accepted.


I feel that "They go" should also be accepted as an answer here.


No. As other comments here state, the difference between Present Simple and Present Continuous is actually very important here. Let me copy my other comment:

Our approach in this course is as follows:

to go, to walk (generally, habitually) = chodzić

to be going, to be walking (right now) = iść

to be walking (but without a purpose or direction, just walking around) = chodzić

Oh, and you have to take into consideration that 'chodzić' is generally on foot (although it can mean 'to attend', in a way), so there will be other translations if you use a car, for example. And so is the case with "iść", it's also on foot.


I'm pretty sure at the begining of the course is was fine to say a verb with or without an -ing ending . Anyway, i think that in real context, it would be understood anyway.


With most of the verbs it was. "Idą" however is a bit more complicated. See here


Why is not "They walk"?


Because "iść" is walk/go right now in a specific direction. while chodzić is walk/go usually or without a specific direction

The best way to translate this difference, and the way duolingo enforces is to say:

They walk= oni/one chodzą
they are walking=oni/one idą

it's not perfect, as there are some circumstances where the line is blurred, but it makes discinction clear.


Thanks yall this was sliming all over my bird-suit


Dont you hate it when Duolingo beats you within an inch of your life for each mistake? Oh right it doesnt.....: ))) Maria and Marek answered my question. Thank you.

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