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"Ekmeği kaldırırken eti gördüm."

Translation:I saw the meat while I was lifting the bread.

January 24, 2016



it's a stupid sentence! değil mi?


The point is the sentence to stay in your mind for longer time, weird sentences stay much longer.


I thought "raising" was acceptable?


The dictionary says for kaldırmak: to lift or to remove. So what does it mean? The meat was covered by a slice of bread, and I could see the meat just after moving the bread away? I see the point that weird sentences stuck in your head, but it would be nice to somehow be able to imagine them. Thanks!


It could be that....it could also mean that you had soem bread in a bag on top of meat and you saw it after lifting the bread. :)


Shouldn't the English translation be "when I lifted the bread"? While implies a process, as if it would take a longish time to lift the bread. When implies that I saw the meat when I lifted the bread, as described above. That would make the sentence much less weird.


This sentence implies that you saw it while you were lifting the bread.

To have it was "when" (meaning sequential action), you have to have different suffixes on the verb. I would probably say "Ekmeği kaldırıp eti gördüm"


I would say "Ekmeği kaldırdığımda/kaldırınca eti gördüm." to mean "I saw the meat when I lifted the bread.". And, I would say "Ekmeği kaldırıp eti gördüm" / "Ekmeği kaldırdım ve eti gördüm." to mean "I lifted the bread and saw the meat.


Sometimes the sentences are so strange that I rule out the literal translation just not believing that it can mean sth like this and translate it wrong


I got this one right but I was almost sure it was wrong due to its weirdness.


it should accept "I saw the meat when putting the bread away" - kaldırmak is routinely used for "putting something away / in its place". Plus, I think that's a much more legitimate context here too. When I was putting the (newly purchased) bread in the cupboard I saw the meat (which was also still on the counter)


What kind of food hygiene standards does this bloody owl adhere to


The grammar is interesting but the content is bizarre.

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