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"I hear you but I do not see you."

Translation:Słyszę was, ale was nie widzę.

January 24, 2016



Słyszę Cię, ale Cię nie widzę


Strange. It says the correct answer is WAS nie widzę but there is no option for WAS... I've actually just realised that the reason I was marked wrong was due to the word order, not the choice of pronoun but nonetheless the translation is confusing or misleading.


I think something changed recently for the worse because many people complain about things like what you wrote - that they had a suggestion for an answer that they were not able to create. Sure, "was" (plural you) is a perfectly fine answer and it's starred, but if you didn't have such an option, then it would be good if the algorithm showed you an answer you could have created...


was is not possible to choose


Almost every sentence about 'you' will have at least two equally correct answers, the singular one and the plural one. If "was" wasn't there, then "cię" (singular) must have been.


"Słyszę cię, ale nie widźe ciebie" mówię po prawnie?


This sounds a bit strange to me. As if you were talking to two people: I hear you, Anna, but I don't see you, John. If you said "ale ciebie nie widzę" it would feel better, if it was "ale cię nie widzę" it would sound perfectly natural.

"poprawnie" is one word.


What is the difference between "jednak", "lecz", and "ale"? All three are suggested translations for "but", and yet it seems only "lecz" and "ale" are accepted.


Why not "ja cię słyszę, ale cię nie widzę"?


Seems possible, added.


What about, "cię słyszę, ale cię nie widzę"


'Cię' is an unaccented object pronoun, it can't go at the beginning of a sentence.


Is it possible to write this sentence using ciebie?


Maybe if we imagine the first 'you' and the second 'you' are different? Because in general "ciebie" gives emphasis and/or contrast, and this does not strike me as a sentence where it's natural.

But perhaps "Słyszę ciebie, John, ale was nie widzę"? = Two people were yelling to you, you hear only one of them and you do not see any of them?

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