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"Die Söhne warten im Restaurant."

Translation:The sons are waiting in the restaurant.

January 25, 2016



Does this mean that they are waiting on someone like a waiter or they are waiting for someone to come? Are there two different words for that in German or is it just wait like in English?


It can mean both, although I'd expect to see some more precise information if they were just waiting for the waiter, such as: Die Söhne warten im Restaurant auf die Bedienung / den Kellner.


I think you misunderstood -- "like" in "waiting on someone like a waiter" does not mean "for example" but "in the manner of". "To wait on someone" means to serve someone who is sitting at a table. So kawaiitrump was asking whether "warten" could also be used for "act like a waiter, wait on tables/wait on people like waiter does".

You don't use "warten" for that in English. ("Der Kellner wartet mir auf"? Eher: "Der Kellner bedient mich".)

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