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"Re-enable" in immersion

What's the point of the "re-enable" option in immersion if it doesn't re-enable the document?

1) Uploaded document
2) Intentionally "disabled" document
3) Clicked "re-enable document"
4) Left the document and went to immersion section
5) Could only find document in my Uploads tab
6) Link goes to 404 error

Even if it the "re-enable" option did work, you'd have to be "in" the document to use it.
Does it have a purpose?

December 20, 2013



It looks like there's a bug where re-enable only works for admins. We'll fix this, but in the meantime I manually re-enabled this document for you.


Thanks for the feedback!


Perhaps re-enable takes some time to "re-activate", otherwise this is a bug and probably belongs to the troubleshooting section.


Moved, thanks. It's been hours, still a 404 error.


It would also help if you add the link to the immersion article because they can't debug what they can't see. My experience has been that the deleted articles stop being available, and the worst thing is that they stick on my upload list forever.


Done. I don't care if the article gets uploaded or not. I've been messing around with some of the functionality I don't normally use the last few days and stumbled upon this.

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