"Adam öder."

Translation:The man pays.

January 25, 2016

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I might be conflating the Turkish aorist with the aorist in other languages, but... would the sense here be 1) "The man [who I am specifically looking at] pays," or 2) something more general, like "The man pays [always, when on a date]," or either (depending on context), or something else entirely?


1) A/The man (specific or unspecific) pays (in some subordinate clauses such as while/if)
If a/the man pays -> Adam öderse
While a/the man pays -> Adam öderken

2) A/the man always/usually pays (in main clauses - talking about routines or general facts)
You can change the frequency by adding an adverb
Adam bazen öder -> A/the man sometimes pays
Adam hiç ödemez -> A/the man never pays

3) I think the man will pay (assumptions about future in daily speech)


I thought "Adam" is a name here. :D


I think Adem is the Türkish equivalent.

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