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Anki for duolingo Polish?

Are there any downloadable Anki deck for Polish vocabulary that can be programmed to follow the learning steps used in Duolingo Polish? I've gone through the first few levels in Duolingo Polish and am finding the vocabulary covered in each topic rather limited. (For example the section on animals only teaches about a dozen different species.)

January 25, 2016



I’m confused, if you had an Anki deck following Duolingo, then it would teach the same vocabulary so it would be just as “limited”. Why don’t you create your own Anki deck adding all the vocabulary you want/need?


I meant an Anki deck that followed along with Duolingo, but with a larger vocabulary. Like when Duolingo is covering it's limited dozen or so animals, the Anki deck would cover a lot more animals.


Have you had a look at the available Polish decks on AnkiWeb? This one seems to be good and is the highest rated. https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/3199057698


Yes, I just happened to find that deck a couple of hours ago. Thanks.

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