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"Pardon ?"


January 14, 2013



Hi, I'm french and I want to say that everyone has his proper way to say(With the question mark) "Excuse me?".

"Comment ? De quoi ? Hein ? Quoi ? Excuse moi ? Plaît-il ?" Are correct too.


"Quoi?" (what?) is colloquial, "Hein" (pronounced as the word "un") is not a word but an interjection and is very colloquial, while "Plaît-il" is very very very formal.

A lot of people use "quoi?" and they are often corrected to "we have to say "pardon" not "quoi". ^^
"pardon" is the more standard.


So "quoi?" = "what?". What is "hein"? Is it like "huh?", "uh?" or "eh?" And what about "plaît-il"? Can anyone translate?


Plaît-il? is old meaning "if it pleases (you)" or Please!!?

Think of another similar expression "Please" is "S'il te plaît" or "S'il vous plaît" which would actually work better. I think I would say, "Pardon, s'il vous plaît." and people are more likely to respond to a bit of politeness.


Is it not more polite to say comment than quoi? Please.


Yes, if you miss something, it is more polite to say "comment" and not "quoi". The latter may be used but it is a bit brusque or rude. Of course, people who are very informal with each other say things that you would not say in polite conversation.


why does it not accept "sorry?"


I am English and saying 'Sorry?' is, although somewhat confusing for non English speakers, used the same way as 'pardon?'. Come on Duo, update this.


yes i feel the same! i put "sorry?" because we say "sorry?" much more often than "pardon/pardon me"


I'm not english and I've always used it like that. Was very confused when duolingo told me it didn't like that.


Absolutely. Very few people say' "pardon me" (which sounds quaint, perhaps old fashioned and, if anything, less well-educated). In one usage, many of us might say, "What?" (the slightly curter version of, "What did you say?"). To apologise, one might say, "Excuse me." But the simplest way to say that is "Sorry." So this should be an acceptable answer.


I always assumed "Pardon" was taken from Fench in the first place, so I said the translation was "excuse me", which Duolingo said was correct.


I thought about "forgive me?." Am I wrong?


Sorry. You are not wrong - but "forgive me" tends not to be a question - and this "Pardon?" had an upward inflexion - which sort of implies they did not understand what was just said.


In my part of the world, we don't say "Sorry?" when we failed to hear something in English.

We say, " I beg your pardon?" Or "Could you repeat that please?"

I'm guessing it a UK thing to say sorry by itself.


And a NZ thing.

What part of the world are you from? Is English your first language?

I'm asking that because you said 'when we failed to hear something in English ' as if you could also hear it in another language. And also because people who are taught a language learn the 'correct ' way of speaking which often makes them sound far more formal than native speakers.

Of course it could be a lot of other reasons as well. Do Americans from the southern states speak more formally these days? Or age. My grandmother spoke more formally than my mother and my mother speaks more formally than I do.


How would you say I'm sorry? Pardon sounds like sorry in Spanish.


How about "Je suis désolé"


It's fine kassie I forgive you


When writing a question in french, do you have to put a space between the last word and the question mark?


Wikipedia say yes. One space before signe composed of two part (! ? : ;), and none for the others (. ,)


Yes, for their kind of quotation marks too « Pardon ? »


is it the same that "excuse moi"?


Yes very similar. Pardon is just a little more formal. (le pardon de dieu - les excuses d'un enfant)


There are not always used in the same ciconstance. I tried to explain them here (Feel free to improve this article):


NB: you have to put the "-", it's Pardonne-moi/Pardonnez-moi.


How can i tell the difference between "say that again "and "excuse me"by saying french word "pardon "?


If you don't hear something clearly or you want the person to repeat it, say "Comment ?" Remember never to way "Quoi ?" in this context; it's considered very rude.



When you bump into someone: pardon. When someone talk and you say: pardon??


Hey guys whats the meaning of pardon cause i dont know english but i learned some


It's going to be tough for you if you don't know English very well. This course is learning French for people who already speak English.


can someone say why we cant say sorry ?


If you would have read the comments before posting, you would know, "sorry" is "disole" "excuse me" is "pardon" If you were going to say "excuse me sir" it would not be exchangeable with "sorry sir" one sounds like you're asking a question, the other sounds like you're apologizing for something. Its the same in French, hope this helps.


Am I missing something? How do we know that this is a French word we have to translate into English rather than (as I thought) an English word we need to translate into French?


On this course, audio exercises are always in French and you write what you hear in French. If it is a written exercise, it will tell you to write the answer in English or in French as appropriate.


Well, that would have been nice to know from the beginning. It’s funny that I didn’t realize that about the audio exercise after all this time. They should create a tutorial with information like this. It must be because I do the reverse courses as well, so I just didn’t notice it.


'Pardon' is not polite English. Polite American maybe? 'I beg your pardon' is OK.


In American English, we would more likely say "Excuse me"

Wait, you would say "I beg your pardon." if you bumped into someone, but would you say it if you didn't hear what someone said?


I literally put pardon me and it told me i was wrong like what the freak


Pardon me is "Pardonne-moi!" or "Pardonnez-moi" which is more like forgive me. "Pardon?" is less strong like "Excuse me" (what did you say? or Could I please get through?)


As a fluent french speaker who only does french to keep my streak when I don't feel like doing other languages, "Pardon?" is very rarely used, only in formal situations. It may be used more frequently in france, but in Ontario you're more likely to hear "Quoi?" or something like that.


would't "pardon a moi" be pardon me ..and "pardon?" be like the English pardon? ( as if you didn't hear the statement?)


"Pardonne-moi". But yes.


When you don't hear, you would say "Pardon?" but not "Pardonnez-moi", unless you want to say something else. Example, dialog:

-J'ai dit "des hommes".
-Pardon? Vous avez dit "des hommes"?

Pardonnez-moi can be stronger. I made a fault, pardonnez-moi.

More detailed here (because it's long and complicate to explain, feel free to improve it) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2618775


I live in France but am not a native French speaker. I am occasionally misunderstood and without exception people always say "Comment?" I've only ever heard "Pardon" without any rising inflection - when someone bumps into you or is trying to squeeze past for example.


Pardon in french = sorry or excuse me in english too


It should be clear which language it is - 'Pardon' could be both


I see the pronounciation of the "r" appearing in the sentences as "ah" - such as pa"h"done. Is this correct or am I hearing wrong?


Pardon? Why would one say pardon with a question mark? That answer would clarify why 'excuse me?' is not appropriate. I would assume excuse-me? would be the American colloquial equivalent.


"Excuse me?" is accepted as correct here also.


hey its me im back with another bug. I wrote pardom instead of pardon and it was correct


It says you're a typo at times cause it matches to the actual word (somewhat)


They allow one typo if it does not make another word.


How about, "What did you say?"


That would be "Qu'est-ce que vous avez dit ?" It is better to translate "Pardon ?" as "Excuse me" because you might not have heard what someone said or you might be trying to work your way through a crowd to the exit.


Duolingo just won twenty ingots for being top of bronze leader board, and promoted to siver level. Guess what ! duo reduced twenty ingots instead of adding. Not really encouraging.


You should explain that in the Duolingo Troubleshooting forum rather than in a sentence discussion.

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