"If they are purple, I am not buying them."

Translation:Jeśli są fioletowe, nie kupuję ich.

January 25, 2016

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Is there a particular reason why one is correct but oni isn't?


'Oni' is used with masculine personal plural nouns. You could say it at a slave market, I guess...


Dzięki, rozumiem.

I just thought the masculine personal plurals weren't limited to only people, but a select group of objects as well. But I guess I was confusing them with animate nouns.


I think this is the great difficulty about gender in Polish. In the plural , the masculine personal (ONI) is applied only to people. Male non-personal is included with the feminine and the inanimate (ONE). Only in the singular is made separation of genres between personal males and living non-personal males. If in a group is included at least one man, the correct pronoun is ONI. Otherwise it will be ONE. For an extreme example: a group of 10 male dogs will be ONE, because there is no human penis in that group. A group of women will be ONE, of course. A group of objects, male or female, will be ONE as well. A group mixed of women, male dogs and female objects is ONE. ONI requires the necessary presence of at least one human penis.


While it made me chuckle a bit, I guess Varys from Game of Thrones will still make the pronoun "Oni" despite not having a penis ;)

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