"I do not like this season."

Translation:Nie lubię tej pory roku.

January 25, 2016

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dlaczego tej i nie ten


Because 'pora' is feminine, so it's 'ta pora' in nominative which becomes 'tej pory' in genitive.


why is roku needed here?


"Pora" by itself is just an indicator of time. "Pora roku" literally means something like "time of the year".


Where do you see the word-year?


You don't, English uses "season" for what Polish calls "pora roku". Although you can possibly answer "season of the year".


the hover hints give "nie podoba mi się" for 'i don't like', but apparently doesn't work for this question. when might that construction be useful?


Here are two discussions on this topic:



We do accept "podobać się" in this sentence, however "pora roku" becomes the subject in this construction, hence it remains in the nominative case.


I added a hint "nie lubię" on "I do not like" as well, so both are shown.


"nie lubię tego sezonu" was also correct, but why is it not "tego sezona"? I thought -ego -a were the masculine genitive endings


-u is also a masculine Genitive noun ending. You can have a look here: http://mowicpopolsku.com/polish-grammar/cases/genitive/#noun-singular

Please note that yes, "Nie lubię tego sezonu" is technically also a translation, but its meaning is completely different from "Nie lubię tej pory roku".

"Nie lubię tego sezonu" is something I could say while binge-watching BBC "Sherlock" for the n-th time and getting to the dreaded season 4. It's mostly used for seasons of tv shows and in sports. Absolutely nothing to do with spring/summer/autumn/winter.


Why not Nie lubię ten okres?


"Tego okresu" would work, however it means "time period" and is too different from "season".


look at the first Answer


This is really annoying that the English word, when hovered, shows the already declined Polish word. I wish it would show "pora roku" so I can decline it by myself.


Mnie się nie podoba tej pory roku ??


You need nominative with this construction. "Ta pora roku". "Mnie" is an accented form of "mi", so that's an interpretation of the English sentence, rather than a neutral translation.


Myślę że próbowałem 'ta pora roku' w pierwszym razem, ale wciąż nie zostało zaakceptowane. Spróbuję ponownie na drugi raz.

I think I tried 'ta pora roku' in the first place, but it still wasn't accepted. I'll try again next time.

(As far as interpretation vs neutral I think it's a perfectly valid interpretation which should still be accepted)


I'm okay with "Mnie się nie podoba ta pora roku", added. But it does sound as if you contrasted your opinion with the opinion of someone who likes it.

"za pierwszym razem" :)


Hovering on 'this' it shows a hint for 'like this': 'w taki sposób'


Eh. It comes from a sentence like "don't do it like this" or something similar, it doesn't apply here. It shows because multi-word hints are always shown on top. I just created a few even longer hints on 'I do not like this' which will show on top instead.

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