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"The girl disappeared into the fairytale world."

Translation:Flickan försvann in i sagans värld.

2 years ago



I don't understand the 'in i' part. It seems to be repeating itself. Can anyone shed light?

2 years ago


in i is the usual way to sayinto. In some cases i by itself can also mean into. (One of the kind souls here explained to me that you would use just i for going into things that you can't really be inside of (e. g. i vattnet = into the water). This isn't exactly the best example of that, but I guess you could say that someone could be inside a fairy tale world. Anyway, it seems like something you have to get a feel for over time.)

2 years ago


I believe that sagornas värld (The world of the fairytales) is more commonly used in Sweden. And I think the translation would still be correct.

2 years ago

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Yes, that translation is accepted.

2 years ago