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  5. "He buys his food and drink."


"He buys his food and drink."

January 14, 2013



il achete sa nourriture et boisson should be correct


Certainly not.

You could say : "Il lui achète à manger et à boire."

At the most you can also try : "Il lui achète sa nourriture et sa boisson", but it's a bit too literal.


Doesn't "Il lui offre à boire..." seems to imply person A is supplying something to person B? Because "He buys his food..." certainly indicates he is buying it for himself, or that person A is buying it from person B (otherwise would be "He buys him food...). Doesn't that explain tusharbajaj opinion?


Nope, it would be the same structure.

In the case of someone buying for himself :

"Il s'achète à manger et à boire." or "Il s'achète sa nourriture et sa boisson." (again, too literal)


Well it's the verb "s'acheter" which is used exactly as "acheter", except that it's meant to be used when the subject buys for himself.

Here is the conjugation :

  • Je m'achète * = I buy * for myself
  • Tu t'achètes * = You buy * for yourself
  • Il/elle/on s'achète * = He/She/it buys * for himself/herself/itself
  • Nous nous achetons * = We buy * for ourselves
  • Vous vous achetez * = You buy * for yourselves
  • Ils/elles s'achètent * = They buy * for themselves


why did you use s' before achete..i am very confused.


"Il lui offre à boire et à manger" is right, but "Il lui offre à manger et à boire" is wrong? ...when "food" comes first in the English sentence?

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