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  5. "To dobre pytanie."

"To dobre pytanie."

Translation:It is a good question.

January 25, 2016



For me it seems to be more like: This is a good question


Or even "this good question"

Would be unlikely, but if a teacher poomts to a question which a student wrote, and so says "this good question"

The 'to' in this/that is and these/those are is not the same 'to' as the one which is part of the ten/ta/to/ci/te group.

Nor is it the same as the 'to' in kot to zwierze etc.

I wonder if whether (since "noun is noun" can be noun to noun-phrase) maybe saying this boy is this child (ie identifying a photo or something).... Could it be..... Ten chłopiec to to dziecko.

Probably would have to use jest I guess.

Ten chłopiec jest tym dzeickiem


"this good question" is technically fine, but I'm not sure if we should accept it given that it's an unlikely sentence (to end with a dot) and the Polish one has a dot.

"Ten chłopiec to to dziecko" is fine if you really mean "This boy is this child", but yeah, "Ten chłopiec jest tym dzieckiem" would be preferable in such a situation.


Ah yes, I didn’t even notice the dot at the end, let alone its significance.

Now I can see that the fullstop of course leaves no room for continuing the sentence.

I hadn’t even ever paid attention to dots or fullstops on duolingo until now :)


Yeah, looking at this hurts.


The Question to Life, the Universe, and Everything???

[deactivated user]

    But what's the question?


    I think "Good question" should be accepted, as it is a common phrase used in the same way, if I have understood this phrase correctly.


    OK, true, makes sense. Added now.

    But you can easily say "Dobre pytanie" in Polish as well.


    Ok, I see the difference!


    I answered "a good question" which was given as wrong


    Well, generally "A good question" is not a sentence, unlike the Polish phrase. We accepted "Good question" because it's idiomatic.


    Why isn't it 'to jest dobre pytanie'

    [deactivated user]

      A good question The good question .... Seems a bit hair splitting


      Could one correctly answer: "This is a good question"?


      Yes. As "to" here is just a dummy pronoun, all of those: [This/That/It] are equally good answers.


      Wouldnt be "the good question" be also correct?


      It actually works, although frankly, I can't imagine when it could be said.


      Very unlikely, because it assumes there is only one question, which we both know. Generally questions are manifold, making 'a good question' more likely. In actual usage, dobre pytanie is closer to 'good question' and 'a good question' to 'to dobre pytanie', purely on amount of emphasis.


      Why not "This good question." ?


      Well, there is a full stop at the end of the Polish sentence, indicating that it is in fact a complete sentence.


      That isn't a good English translation. It doesn't sound natural, so it makes sense that it would be counted wrong. "This is a good question" is a better translation if you insist on using "this" in your answer.

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      Should “this good question” be accepted? I remember seeing some question with simple phrases but have a full stop after it. What about complete sentences missing full stops?


      Complete sentences definitely can't lack a full stop. If I'm not mistaken, incomplete sentences only feature a full stop if there's another punctuation mark, like here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16486285


      You seem to be mistifying us. Sometimes answers without "jest" aren't accepted, even though they would mean the same. Now "this good question" isn't accepted, because there is a full stop. "To dobre pytanie" means "this/that good question", as well as "this is a good question", so I do not understand why you have a problem with accepting either.


      It feels wrong to translate this as "it's a good question" because there is no "jest" in the polish sentence. At first i translated it as "this good question", but apparently it was incorrect


      Such sentences in Polish commonly omit 'jest'.

      "this good question" would be correct if this wasn't a sentence ending with a full stop.

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