"Yarınki yolculuk için bavulumu hazırlamalıyım."

Translation:I must prepare my suitcase for tomorrow's trip.

January 25, 2016

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Why isn't case acceptable instead of suitcase?


Because case doesn't mean suitcase. If someone's preparing a case it means they have an upcoming court date.


I have the same question.


can i say yarinin yolculuk instead ? .. to express tomorrow's trip another ques .." yarinki" can we consider this a better translation for it : " the trip that is tomorrow


I think that this is not possible as "tomorrow" cannot possess "the journey" and grammatically I think it would be "yarinin yolculuğu."


SabineBergman, would you say that "yarınki" is considered as an adjective here? Thus, without any suffix needed.


Can't it "should" or "have to" ?


what about "i must prepare my suitcase for the journey that is tomorrow"?


'Journey' might not be fitting. But other than that it sounds acceptable.


I used the word "voyage" but it is not accepted. I think there is a difference between "trip, journey and voyage" but i do not know what it is. Can someone explain it? Thx.


Trip is by far the most common.

Journey makes it seem as is you are on some sort of quest.

Voyage is mostly used in the phrase "Bon voyage" (iyi yolculuklar) these days. It really implies that you are on a great adventure of sorts (like on a plane or a boat)


I appreciate you explaining the nuances of the different terms.

Even though "trip" may be most frequently used in common parlance, journey and voyage are still viable synonyms (I use them more often than "trip", as they tend to be more precise).

Since there's nothing grammatically wrong with the English phrase itself ("I must prepare my suitcase for tomorrow's voyage."), is "voyage" an incorrect translation of the Turkish "yolculuk"?

Would "voyage" perhaps be more properly translated as "seyahat" or "sefer"?


I translated "travel". It should be ok, but it isn't, why?


The only time I've heard the word voyage in English is in the phrase "bon voyage". It is not used much besides that.


The ship's maiden voyage.


I used bag rather than suitcase...surely this should be allowed as it's common usage now?


I must get my suitcase ready for the trip tomorrow. Why is that wrong?


Can we say pack my suitcase instead of prepare my suitcase?


Is "bavulumu hazırlamak" (prepare my suitcase) the same as "to pack my suitcase", or is there another phrase to mean that in Turkish?


My answer was completely correct


Mohsen, we only are learners on the forum and we can't know what you really wrote. You can review the whole lesson when you finish it and before you begin next one. On my computer, it is above left on the screen. So you can see Duo's answers and yours. Vrey usefull when you have a doubt.

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