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  5. "Odpoczywamy po obiedzie."

"Odpoczywamy po obiedzie."

Translation:We rest after lunch.

January 25, 2016



The audio sounds like "odpoczywajmy" and not like "odpoczywamy".

I wrote "let's rest after lunch" and got it wrong.

It wasn't an audio exercise. I just translated what I heard without reading the text.


Yeah, I guess you can't trust the TTS...

True, it does sound a bit like that. I disabled the audio exercises so others won't have problems.


We'll rest after lunch. Same?


Not exactly. The sentence here is in Present Tense, so either we are resting right now, or we always rest after lunch.

Your sentence, being in the Future Tense, translates to "odpoczniemy".


Why do we have 'obiedzie' but not 'obiadzie'? The nominative case is 'obiad', am I right?


If the last syllable of the stem contains a -ia-, it turns into -ie- in the locative case. Examples:

  • miasto -> mieście
  • wiara -> wierze
  • ciało -> ciele
  • ciasto -> cieście
  • sąsiad -> sąsiedzie
  • wiatr -> wietrze
  • miara -> mierze
  • gwiazda -> gwieździe

There are also a few examples where this doesn't happen (dział -> dziale), but I think that they are quite rare.

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