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маша и медведь

So I've got a 2 year old and the other day I was scrolling through "kids shows" on Netflix and I found "Masha and the Bear". My wife and I looked at each other as soon as the title came up and we both said at basically the same time "Sounds русский".

I typed маша и медведь into youtube and sure enough, there were the originals. We had our son watch the English dubs enough though there's barely any speaking just because it's unlikely he'll really learn much Russian (My wife's family is from Kiev), though I found a few amusing parts where I could lipread the russian and know what was overdubbed.

In one episode it's "christmas" and "santa" comes, and I said "I bet everything was switched over from being new years.

Pulled up the original and the card that said "merry christmas" has "С Новым годом!" on it, and "santa" is дед мороз.

Made me really happy I was able to pick up on this stuff, and made me realize more and more that I'm really learning everything and not just kind of "fooling myself".

January 25, 2016



sometimes i also like to listen to child cartoons in my target languages, because: 1) they present an easy vocabulary and 2) their pronounciation is always clear.


Really I can't understand why >1 billion people watched этот мультик)



Because it is very funny.This cartoon series is very popular in many countries. For example here you are an article in the Italian newspaper about this cartoon series


In Italy this animated series got an award as the best one http://it.rbth.com/in_breve/2015/03/19/tv_il_cartone_russo_masha_e_lorso_vince_il_premio_come_miglior_serie_35079


I actually love watching the show despite being a teen, it airs every Saturday 11.00am in my county but it's in English dub. I didn't know it's actually a Russian cartoon until I came across it on Youtube.

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