"They are artists."

Translation:Onlar sanatçı.

January 25, 2016



When It's clear the noun is plural, you don't need the plural suffix for the verb.

September 14, 2018


''onlar sanatçıdırlar'' wasn't accepted,thought after 'are' we must have dirlar/dırlar etc.. Can anyone explain why is it wrong?


"Onlar sanatçılar." Başka doğru cevap. I know the noun is plural by the way.


What is the difference between sanatçı and sanatçılar?


sanatçı = artist (singular) sanatçılar = artists (plural)

Yet in this sentence "onLAR" is pluralizing the noun following it so you use singular form of artist. O sanatçı = He is an artist Onlar sanatçı = They are artists. Sanatçı geliyor = Artist is coming. Sanatçılar geliyor = Artists are coming.

I think this part is relatively easy but unfortunately it might get a little complicated when an adjective is involved. For instance They are creative artists = Onlar yaratıcı sanatçılar

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