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"The grain grows in the field."

Translation:Zboże rośnie na polu.

January 26, 2016



Why is it not "Zboże rośnie w polu" if the translation says "The grain grows in the field"? Or would it be better if it said "The grain grows on the field"?

I do remember doing a lesson about how certain places use a certain word (w, na, maybe others), but I seem to have forgotten about it. I'll go back and take a look, but it'd be nice if someone could clarify.


That may be regional , but for me "w polu" should be correct, (but I'm from part of Poland where "na polu" means outside).

But prepositions often don't translate literally.

  • 1842

Nope. The English word "grain" translates to several different words in Polish.

"ziarno" is a single seed of corn, wheat, barley, rice etc. It is also a single particle of sand, or a small crystal of salt or other substance (size comparable with a grain of sand). It can also be used as mass noun designating the amount of grains collected from the field during the harvest (in singular, in most cases genitive, e.g. "5 kwintali ziarna" = "5 quintals of crop").

"zboże" is "grain" meaning plant, that gives seeds ("grains"). It is also mass noun meaning food (in plural, genitive: "poziom produkcji zbóż" = "level of cereal production").


Ah okay. I just thought that maybe it was possible because ‘ziarno’ is etymologically related to ‘grain’.

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