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  5. "Do you see a small child?"

"Do you see a small child?"

Translation:Czy widzisz małe dziecko?

January 26, 2016



This is in "occupation"... I didn't know I could be payed to be a child haha


My initial thought here was to use małego. Why is this wrong?


If we had a masculine noun here, it would be correct. Also if the verb needed Genitive, it would be correct. But "dziecko" is neuter and the sentence needs Accusative. Accusative for a neuter noun looks the same as its Nominative. And to match the case, you have to use "małe".


My guess was dziecka, i thought of accusative. Why is it wrong in this case?


It is accusative, but neuter nouns have accusative=nominative regardless of their "animation"


Although it is not like other languages, words that end with -o are usually neuter, and ones that end with a constant are masculine. Now, animate masculine nouns usually end with -a in the accusative form


why isn't "Widzicie mała dziecko" correct? isn't the Czy optional as a question marker?


never mind, I missed the mala and male difference!


I was marked wrong for "czy ty widzisz male dziecko" and corrected "czy my widzisz male dziecko", why?


Everything's fine on my side, "Czy ty widzisz małe dziecko" is accepted and no mistake like "my widzisz" is anywhere on the list...


What is the proper use for czy when asking a question? Is it only for "do you" clauses or is it just a general indication of a question?


It's for questions that have a Yes/No answers, so mostly "do you" questions indeed.

It's also used for "Wolisz pizzę czy makaron?" (Do you prefer pizza or pasta), it means 'or' in such a question. And I guess it could be used at the beginning of this one as well, actually... anyway, it's not really that common as a question-making word.


Anyone else concerned that "tasty child" was an option...?


The distractors (wrong answers) are randomly created by the algorithm, no one put it in the database consciously. Also, other learners got different options.

But yes, this one is... a bit worrying.


What's wrong with "Czy pan widzi małe dziecko?" Having finished the lesson on "Formal You," I'm trying to practice what I learned there.


Nothing is wrong, a lot of sentences still miss formal options. Added here.

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