"An old sandwich"

Translation:Stara kanapka

January 26, 2016

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Do adjectives always go before nouns in Polish?


Often. If something is more a set phrase than just adjective and noun, adjective goes after nouns. Ex szkoła podstawowa- primary school Also there are "special" adjectives that usually translate to nouns in English that go after.


The audio for Kanapka is wrong. I checked the one on google and you can clearly hear the difference.


The stress is a bit weird, but it's not that bad.


I just hear a weird 'KanaTka' type sound on my end. On google I clearly hear 'KanaPka' as another user kindly pointed out is the proper way to say it (same it is spelled).


Okay, I may hear something like that. Anyway, Polish is read exactly how it's written in 99,999% of cases. There is devoicing, true, but that's not something what we think about when pronouncing words, it's something that just happens without our knowledge. P and T aren't a pair, so such a pronounciation is not an option.

I'm afraid there's no other way than to accept that the TTS voice has quite a number of imperfections. Just observe the way the word is written, and remember that at least 98% of words have stress on the penultimate syllable, no matter how the voice pronounces them.

Right now the only thing we can change is disable a "write from hearing" exercise if the pronunciation is really confusing.


The information you get on Google is not always right

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