"Are you using my toothbrush?"

Translation:Czy ty używasz mojej szczoteczki do zębów?

January 26, 2016

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Does używać always take the genetive case? as it does here?


In standard Polish yes, but it can happen that native speakers use accusative.


Why is it necessary to begin with "czy ty"? Couldn't you start with "używasz"?


Yes, you could, it works.


Why mojej instead of moim? Moim is the first hint and im confused on the different uses of my.


Ah, sometimes I absolutely hate the way hints work on this website. Basically, hints built on 2+ words always appear on top, even if they were written for a completely different sentence and are not applicable to the sentence you see at all. I can only advise you to be careful if there's one hint on 2+ words, there's a significant chance that it may not apply :/ I removed this hint, I didn't find any sentence that would need it due to the context. But it would work in let's say "I am writing a letter using my pen", where "using my pen" means more or less the same as "with my pen", and that would translate without any Polish verb for "using", just as "Piszę list moim długopisem".

So that's as for the explanation of the wrong top hint. Now, for the correct form: "my" here describes "toothbrush", and "szczoteczka" is a feminine noun. The verb "używać" needs its object to take Genitive case. "mojej" is the feminine Genitive form.

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