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  5. "I love my room!"

"I love my room!"

Translation:Kocham mój pokój!

January 26, 2016



can I say 'kocham SWÓJ pokój' as well'?


Yes you can. If duolingo does not accept it , please report.


is swój= yours? you should translate my


Any possesive pronoun can be "swój" It means one's own.

Ja kocham mój/swój pokój I love my room

Ty kochasz twój/swój pokój You love your room

On/ona/ono kocha swój pokój He/she/it loves his/her/its own room
On kocha jego pokój He loves his (some other man's) room


My kochamy nasz/swój pokój - we love our room
Wy kochacie wasz/swój pokój- you love your room
Oni/one kochają swój pokój - they love their room
Oni/one kochaja ich pokój - They love some other people's room.

My kochamy nasze pokoje - we love our rooms (that we share)
My kochamy swoje pokoje - I love my room, you love your room.

Wy kochacie wasze pokoje - you love your rooms (that you share)
Wy kochacie swoje pokoje - (every one of you loves their own room)

Oni/one kochają ich pokoje - They love some other people's rooms
Oni/one kochają swoje pokoje- They love their rooms


thank you very much, you are polite


and what about my, wy, one/ oni?


warum kommt nach kocham nicht der genitiv


Because it is accusative after kochać, lubić.


Why doesn't 'mój pokój' change to an accusative case ?


It does. But for masculine inanimate nouns, Accusative is identical to Nominative.


Would "nie kocham mójego pokója" be correct or does genitive not require the 'mój' pronoun to change?


„Mój” does decline to agree with thing owned so it would indeed be „mojego” but „pokój” has genitive „pokoju”, so it would be:

  • „Nie kocham mojego pokoju”

Side note: This sentence is not the best – „kocham mój pokój” alone is awkward(to me, at least), I would not use „kochać” with inanimate thing and would use „uwielbiać” instead, but negation makes it even worse, it really hints at 'I'm not in romantic relationship with my room' – it would be much better to use the antonym here instead („Nienawidzę mojego pokoju”).


Thank you very much friend for your informative answer :)

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