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What a fun lesson for Christmas - just needs a few tweaks for the UK contingent who might have a slightly different way of saying things Merry Christmas all

December 21, 2013



Personally, I deliberately got some answers wrong just to be able to say the phrase in proper English. Of course, it meant going through the stuff twice - once to get it wrong, and then to say it the American way and get marked as correct. It would be nice if the program could recognize the fact there can be multiple ways of saying the same thing, but this program is free, after all.


I am not so much guilty of being a martyr as you are guilty of not recognizing tongue-in-cheek humor (or, alternatively, not reading the entire thread before commenting). :)


-Ahem-. Sarcasm good sir/madam. Sarcasm.


The program does recognise there are multiple ways of saying things, and there is a system in place (that works) for easily reporting translations that you believe should be accepted. We are lucky in that most of the lesson have been moderated by previous users but when we get a brand spanking new one then it is up to all of us to spend a bit of time going through the process of getting the variations of our language into the database. You should not expect the whole world to speak "proper" English. Like Spanish, English has travelled around the world and is spoken in different dialects.


I understand that. My comment was intended to be tongue-in-cheek. I thought the clue to that was when I said I deliberately got some answers wrong. Unfortunately language is not a precise science, and it looks like I failed to get my true meaning across. There were, in fact, some dual translations, just not very many.


Whoops - guilty as charged then and apologies. It is difficult to get sarcasm right in text.


How may I make use of the reporting system when I encounter an error?


Very very good. i like it from Georgia


Infuriated by apostrophe failure! "Le jean des garçons" should translate as "The boys' jeans", not "The boys jeans". Reported it 3 times but will it listen? Noooooooo


Enjoyed the Christmas lessons


Me gustaria aprender ingles con pronunciacion inglesa de Reino Unido, alguien me lo puede indicar si en DUOLINGO existe. gracias.

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