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"People older than eighteen years old can drink wine."

Translation:On sekiz yaşından büyük kişiler şarap içebilir.

January 26, 2016



Can someone explain why "On sekizdan daha yaşındakiler şarap içebilir" is wrong?

Also, why can't this be a correct translation: On sekiz yaşından daha büyük kişiler şarap içebilir.


On sekiz yaşindan daha büyük kişiler şarap içebilirler - why is this sentence wrong when "daha" is used?


That is my question as well! Why cant we use "daha" ????


I try to translate the sentence before looking at three answers now because it's normally too easy choose the correct one. In this instance I came up with: "ınsanlar on sekizdan daha yaşlı, şarap içebilir" What have I actually said?


"ınsanlar on sekizdan daha yaşlı, şarap içebilir" can be translated like "people are older than 18 years old, can drink wine". As in English, it does not sound "right" in Turkish. Yet if you built it like "İnsanlar on sekizdan daha yaşlı İSE şarap içebilir" this would be a grammatically correct Turkish sentence which would mean, ""IF people are older than 18 years old, they can drink wine".


i can't explain this construction (yaşından)


I don't understand it either :(


Why is insanlar not possible here?


Want to know why this is marked incorrect, please! On sekiz yasindan buyuk kisiler sarap icebilir.


Why is buyuk necessary here?

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