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"There is milk and bread in the kitchen."

Translation:Mutfakta süt ve ekmek var.

January 26, 2016



Shouldn't it be Mutfaktada??


No, it shouldn't, because Mutfakta already has "ta" locative suffix added to it.


Is "Süt ve ekmek mutfakta var" acceptable?


Why " süt ve ekmek mutfakta" not correct?


it just tells the location, not the existence ("Milk and bread is in the kitchen")


This chapter needs a lot of improvement. There has to be a visible difference between plural you and singular you. There have to be alternatives because English is more flexible than Turkish. It was really annoying to finish this chapter with the fifth crown


agreed, there is a lot of skill in the Turkish class that could be split into several grammar and topic skills, while introducing just a little larger vocabulary. By the way for plural you for a while y'all was used in many language classes for the English translation, but that had some backlash so I think it is not used anymore, although that had its merits.

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