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Am I missing ....it?

Hi there, I am on level seven....and after reading through some of the sentence discussions that are along the lines of.....why is this not acc and not gen because of xyz..... up to now I haven't completed an exercise that would assist me to identify which case I should write the sentence in or why the sentence has been written in a particular case.....Am I missing it? Thanks

January 26, 2016



You do not necessarily need to know a name of a case. Kids in Poland grow up and use almost perfect Polish years before they know what cases are and how they are called. The names of cases are not necessary, I check them all the time I write explanation, because English names are new to me and Polish names are something I learned years ago and did not use since.

But I know which form to use, and Polish nouns have 14 forms, adjectives 28 You need to know how they fit together, when to use which or you are stuck learning whole sentences and unable to mix them.

If you want to create new sentences it is easier to know the rules , Why we say Znam Kasię, but nie znam Kasi, Why we say widzę psa. To jest pies, I see a dog, it is a dog but Widzę stół. to jest stół* - I see a table , it is a table - when both nouns are singular masculine.

I think the information about cases is added to course notes only in first lessons and probably you did them before it was introduced


I agree that when you are a child you just pick it up but as an adult we need to be able to grasp some rule and identifying which rule I need to use when creating a particular sentence....I think you are agreeing with me in a way just using different words....so how do identify which rule I am using and why..... :)


Duolingo's way you learn like children do, there are no declensions to learn by heart. It does not ask you a name of a case just a proper form of a noun.

But also explanations are being written , and you can check them on the first lessons. And people write many comments about cases.

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