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  5. "We drink the tea with sugar."

"We drink the tea with sugar."

Translation:Biz çayı şekerli içeriz.

January 26, 2016



"Biz şekerli çayı içeriz." Is this correct?


It looks correct to me. On a side note, regarding the placement of sekerli in the topic sentence of this thread, does sekerli act as an adjective, and if so, wouldn't it be required to be placed directly in front of the object? How do adjectives in the predicate work in turkish?


"Şekerli çayı içeriz" was wrong .... why?


Is "Biz" necessary?


no. i didnt write it and was true


I typed "sekerle" by mistake and got it wrong. But then when I checked the hints I saw "sekerli" and "sekerle" are both listed. Are they both correct?


Çayı şekerle içeriz sounds correct and natural but it is an indirect way of saying that you drink the tea with sugar. Şekerle means along with sugar so it means you have sugar next to your tea. It doesn't necessarily mean that you put sugar into your tea but we may understand that you do so. Because it's an indirect way of saying it, it's also considered informal.


i mean is because in the sentence they are talking about any tea no especial tea or especific tea


Why "Biz şekerli çay içiyoruz" is a wrong answer? I think it is right.

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