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I would like to create a class for my students who are new English language learners.

There are 2 issues: First, I have a personal account set up in English to help me learn Spanish/French. I do not want to open my personal account because it would give access to my personal email address. How do I create a 2nd account with my work address?

Second, these students are new to country and do not have email accounts, only school internet accounts which allow them to get on line. Any recommendations on how I can create a classroom with these limitations?

January 26, 2016

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[deactivated user]
    1. Sign out of your Duolingo account (hover over username in blue bar at top, click sign out.). Next, make a new account by going to www.schools.duolingo.com, and making an account with the school email address.

    2. You can create student accounts by adding a + symbol and characters after it, between your name and the @ symbol. For example, let's say you have a student called a student called Maria B. in your 2015 class. If you have/create a gmail account called myname@gmail.com, you can add her to your class by creating an account using the email address myname+mariab15@gmail.com. This may not work with all email providers, and we recommend you test it before adopting this method. Read more here. (scroll down to What if a student doesn’t have an email address?.

    Happy learning!

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