"Kuchnia jest w centrum domu."

Translation:The kitchen is at the center of the home.

January 26, 2016

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In the normal speed spoken sentence I cannot hear the "w". Am I mishearing, is it missing or is it a spoken form?


You should hear "Fcentrum" like "w" is a part of the next word and it is "f" instead of "w".


Immery is right. But to honest, I too would have doubts hearing that. It's not applicable for "centrum" specifically (which is identical in all singular cases), but this might be part of a reason why we still keep locative case around. It's not always easy to hear that „w”, and then locative case may give you a hint that it was there.


I guess that "house" will fit much better than "home" (I'm pointing that out coz while doing the multiple choice, only home is given)


I agree, I don't know why 'home' is the default option. Changed to 'house'.

If it was a bit more metaphorical and it was "the center" and not "in the center", then maybe home would be better indeed.


So if we wanted to be metaphorical, would we just miss out the "w", in the same way we'd just miss out the "in" in English?


Yes, that would work. Well, it would work 'accidentally', so to speak.

Kuchnia jest w centrum (the kitchen is in the center) - "centrum" is Locative.

Kuchnia jest centrum (the kitchen is the center) - "centrum" is Instrumental.

So it's only a fortunate accident that "centrum" is one of the rare words that has all the singular forms identical. If it was almost any other noun, the form would change, so it's not like you only have to miss out "w". :)


Kuchnia jest centrum domu

has a slightly different meaning that kitchen is the centre of the house, like figuratively (most active place in the home), and not necessarily literally.


Hmmm, someone must have changed it back to "home" recently :-\


The sentence is shared with the English for Polish speakers course, which uses it to teach "home". We're currently debating on what to decide here.


That's what I suspected... We had a similar case before.


is (house) not an acceptable translation for (domu) here


It is. But we missed (until now) some options with 'at', so maybe that was the case.


Do words that end in -um (viz. Latin words) not decline?


Yes and no. Their plural does: studium (singular is the same in each case), but plural is studia which do this:

  • studia
  • studiów
  • studiom
  • studia
  • studiami
  • studiach
  • studia

So: centrum - centra/centrów/centrom/....; minimum - minima; maksimum - maksima

Also Greek neuter -os like (Rodos, Jolkos, Knossos... ) usually don't decline, but if we consider them to be masculine like Menelaos they do. Theoretically dictionaries show that this neuter words can be declined but nearly no one does it.


Can one use Centrum for the 'middle' of the house?


Yes, we already accept "middle" here.

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