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"Das Mädchen isst eine Tomate."

Translation:The girl eats a tomato.

December 21, 2013



So am I the only one who listened and didn't look, and accidentally translated this to "the girl IS a tomato?" and didn't think there's anything wrong with it, because Duo are known for odd sentences?

July 27, 2016


I don't understand why it is not einen. I think it is akkusative, isn't it?

January 5, 2014


Masculine nominative "ein" changes to "einen" for masculine accusative. Feminine nominative "eine" stays the same for feminine accusative.

March 2, 2014


why is it "das Mädchen" and not "die"?

November 27, 2014


Because its a diminutive form of "die Magd" (the maid), that a long time ago became the official word for "the girl", -chen and -lein are sufixes for diminutive (adding an Umlaut in some of them), and ALL diminutives are neuter: der Hund/das Hündchen, das Buch/das Büchlein, die Frau/das Fräulein...

May 16, 2017


For whatever reason Madchen (apologies for the lack of umlauts, can't do it with my keyboard) is a neutral noun and not a feminine noun (even though Junge is masculine, which I agree is confusing). It's good to know though that whether a noun is masculine femenine or neutral doesn't always necessarily correlate with if the noun ACTUALLY represents something masculine or feminine or whatever.

January 4, 2015


So what, exactly, is wrong with "The girl's eating a tomato" as an answer?

August 11, 2014


And what is wrong with "The girl is eating a tomato" for an answer?

September 12, 2014


You should report that.

September 13, 2014


I've thought of it, but how?

September 14, 2014


Well, in the mobile version, there's a flag that you can use to report the question. Not sure about the web one.

September 14, 2014


In the web one, right beside where the comments are (this section that I am typing in right now) there is a 'report a problem" button :)

January 29, 2015


You mean in the comments section or after filling in the answer?

May 31, 2015


Of all the things that Duolingo doesn't count wrong that are grammatically sins, it takes a heart because I typed "an" instead of "a".

Bloody wonderful.

September 29, 2014


Mädchen is always accompanied with "Das"

February 3, 2014


Except when talking about multiple girls, then it is die Mädchen.

December 30, 2015


It's die madchen if it's plural though.

February 13, 2014


So, how do you differentiate 'isst' and 'ist' in a conversation. Some Germans speaks very quickly. Of course if they mention 'Essen' or some piece of food, then that could help. Example: Das Madchen isst eine Tomate OR Das Madchen ist eine Tomate. Clearly, the girl is not a tomato, but I could see that it could be confusing hypothetically.

December 7, 2014


Context is basically the only way that I've picked up. Or asking whoever you're talking to :)

January 29, 2015


Isst is when there is eating in the sentens

December 7, 2014


Anyone know any good sources for figuring out the articles and how they change based on gender/pluralism/case?

September 10, 2015


I thought they said "The girl is a tomato", "Das Mädchen ist eine Tomate".

August 23, 2016


I almost put "The girl is a tomato"...boy is my face red

December 9, 2016


there is no a

February 26, 2017


How to difference between isst and ist while listening ?

April 10, 2017


For a moment I thought this sentence was something out of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, then I noticed the double S.

April 8, 2019
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