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"Bu resim çok tarihi dokunursan çok kötü olur."

Translation:This is a very historic painting, it would be very bad if you touch it.

January 26, 2016



This painting is very historic it would be very bad if you touch it ... Why is wrong ???


Would it be possible to add a comma after "tarihi" to indicate the clause break? Technically these should be two different sentences in English, though maybe Turkish allows run-ons like some other languages do.


Yes, there is a comma after "tarihi". (Bu resim çok tarihi, dokunursan çok kötü olur.)


that makes sense, there's no comma in the turkish version we were given though


I see that the missing comma was pointed out 5 years ago already. It makes the Turkish sentence VERY difficult to break down, it would be nice if someone fixed it.

In addition to that, I think that the literal translation of the English sentence would be "bu çok tarihi bir resim".

Finally, why is "onu" missing as the object of dokunmak?

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