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Welsh is in Beta!!

Congrats Welsh Team!

Welsh (for English Speakers) is now in Beta!

Great work throughout the Incubation Stage!

Good luck to everyone learning Welsh!

The Incubator EN-CY Page

Get Started Learning Welsh Here:

Welsh for English

January 26, 2016

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I hope the story of Dywi Lingo and friends pans out to be a fully fledged soap opera.


Heno ar S4C, "Pobl y Lingo". (Tonight on S4C...)


morphs into the red dragon from the Welsh flag THE TIME HAS COME


Hooray! Congrats Welsh team! Now, to begin madly refreshing until it shows up on the site proper...


FYI: The YouTube link for pronunciation in Greeting 1 needs fixed a bit. It's linking to https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/www.youtube.com/user/welshplus. Make sure you go to https://www.youtube.com/user/welshplus in the meantime.


And there is no "wanting2" between wanting1 and 3!


Fun but hard! I like the text to speech voice.


Congratulations! (And congrats Hyllning for getting the first post in the discussion forum!) :-)


I was waiting all this time.. ahaha


It works now! You need to scroll down further, but it's there!


I've been living in Wales for 4 years now and you don't know how much I love hearing this language - when I'm having exams at Uni it feels like I'm in the Harry Potter universe. However, finding time to actually study the language is relatively hard and expensive. Finally, there is a place for that online! Thanks for your hard work, it is much appreciated!!

Pob lwc!


Croeso to beta!


im finding the pronunciation easier then i was thinking it would be


That's good to know. I had my concerns at first when we decided to use TTS.


the voice is clear spoken as far as TTS goes from what ive seen. to be honest ive had more issues remembering that the font used makes I and l nearly identical ... needless to say it bit me in the butt when i got to Iawn '_';


Well done! Welsh is an incredible language!


Great job, really enjoyed the first couple of units, and the notes are so helpful. Looking forward to the day when there's a St Piran flag alongside the dragon!


Awesome!! The only other language I am looking forwards to is Icelandic!


Yay! I just started Welsh a week ago, and I'm glad that I can learn more now.


Another step forward for Celtic languages! Now just years or possibly decades until Scottish Gaelic! Yay... :'(

Seriously though, good job to the Welsh team, cannae wait! :) Lovely sounding language!


I'd love to have Cornish and Breton, as well. Just for a public resource, if nothing else. Manx would be nice, too, but that might be wishful thinking.


There is actually an app already that is just for Manx for iOS and Androids. Manx Gaelic has a surprisingly high level of publicly available resources for such a small language. Cornish, Bretons and Scots-Gaelic though I wish had more public visibility and access.


This is an important milestone for Welsh learning, Duolingo and celtic languages. Congratulations Tîm Cymraeg!


Conratulations! I can't wait to start learning welsh!


Congratulations, thanks you welsh team


Congratulations, Welsh team!! This is so awesome! I don't want to bite off more than I can chew, but once I'm done with one of my trees, I'll definitely check out the Welsh course :)


Amazing! Thank you, team Welsh!


Wooo! Time to learn Welsh :D Awesome job guys


The time has come!!! The red dragon awakes!!!! Thanks Tim Cymraeg!!!!!


I'm so happy this got released. Now I can see how much I have forgottenn (started learning a bit in 2009, but stopped due to personal reasons. Now I have the time and with this course a good opportunity to get back into it! Thank you so much!


YAY!!!! I've been waiting for this!


Thank you to the development team! I've been looking for a Welsh course for a few years and I'm ridiculously excited for this.


Congratulations !!!!


Diolch yn fawr to the development team!


As a retired language teacher who has already studied Welsh a fair bit in various setttings, but to nowhere near fluency, I am very impressed with the structure and order of the questions: how they make you focus on small details without stress; how it is possible to avoid failure (If you genuinely want to learn, then looking up the answer is not failing, just re-learning); the order of the questions to facilitate memorising vocabulary and verb forms, first passively then actively; the selection of key phrases to remember a grammar point (eg. am bum munud u bump!); the motivation of completing the lesson circles and the league tables... Excellent all round for such a difficult language! (I have studied French, German, Russian and Spanish to A level and beyond and Welsh is definitely the most challenging! Very impressed. Well done! And thank you!

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