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  5. "Bore da Dewi Lingo."

"Bore da Dewi Lingo."

Translation:Good morning, Dewi Lingo.

January 26, 2016



Dewi Lingo. That's smart.


You should add "Duolingo" as a translation of "Dewi Lingo" :D


It worked once for another exercise, but not here... I agree!


In "Helo Dewi Lingo" YES!!!


Shwmae. As an English only speaking Welshman (head held in shame...) Dewi is a common first name but is not translated into David by English only speakers in Wales. It is also common for English only speaking Welsh to have wholly Welsh names. E.g. Sion for John.

Looking forward to brushing up on my long out of use Welsh here though. Can't wait until we get to the various mutations!

Pob hywl ac pob lwc (I think)


Okay, I went for David Lingo - as in Dewi Sant. Not so much accepted; I guess David as a translation of Dewi is an exception rather than the rule?


Dewi is the Welsh form of David, but it extremely rare to translate given names into foreign language equivalents. It's expected that your name remains your name.


thought same, typed david


The hint "Before Dewi Lingo gets up" for "Dewi" is a tad confusing. Though I'm not sure whether Dewi means anything beside as a proper name, I don't think the getting-up part is very enlightening.


in indonesia mostly dewi is a girl name, or sometimes refers to a goddess... so first time i see this i thought is an indo woman xD


Well of course not just white people speak Welsh, but Dewi is "David", at least historically. March 1 is Saint David's Day, in fact: "Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant", a public holiday in Wales. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_David%27s_Day


Not sure if you are using Dewi as a literal name, or if it is supposed to be translated to David, or if it was supposed to be Duo as in Duolingo


Read the notes before you start the lesson. They have this information. :)


Entered David, why is it wrong?


In the Tips and Notes at the start of the lesson, it says that names are not to be translated, just left as is.


typed in good morning Dewi Lingo, would not recognise it without a comma!


That's odd. I almost never use punctuation for the lessons and it's never marked me wrong for that.


Dewi in Indonesian means goddess, so I though it was going to be "Good morning, goddess Lingo" lol


Been in Wales now 3 months still struggling but hope to get somewhere wish me luck guys


Hmm, not fond of too many names in a course, seems to confuse the issue with some of the words.


It would've helped if they had said that "dewi" add on to "lingo" to translate to Duolingo, it was kind of unclear. I can see it now, but they should have said that beforehand


I don't think it really translates to that. It was just a little play on words.


I can not any more...


To the maker, if possible to edit, please do so. Please state that you would like the learner to answer in Welsh. Thank you :)


If you read the lesson more carefully, it will be obvious which form the answer needs to be in. If it's "type what you hear" or if it wants you to speak, then of course it will need to be in Welsh. If it wants you to type the translation, then it will depend on whether what they give you is in Welsh or English.


It took way to long for me to realize it was a proper noun. :/


Good night,Dewi Lingo

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