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  5. "What does our child have?"

"What does our child have?"

Translation:Was hat unser Kind?

January 14, 2013



Why not "unseres Kind"?


Because 'unseres Kind' doesn't exist. You can say 'Wessen Kind ist das? Es ist unseres.' (Whose kid is that? It's ours.) But just like you can't say 'It's ours kid' you also can't say 'Das ist unseres Kind'. What you can say though is 'Der Ball unseres Kindes' (the ball of our kid) But then you always have to change the noun accordingly. ('unseres' can only be used in genetive case, if that helps)


I think because Kind is singular


Duolingo just told me that "Was ist mit unserem Kind?" is also a valid translation. Wouldn't that mean, "What is with our child?" which is not quite the same thing?

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