Translation:A dragon

January 26, 2016



I love how this is under greeting xD


Vital information in Wales. Dragons can get testy if you don't address them properly (and politely).


Have you read Patricia C. Wrede? "You'll never have any luck dealing with dragons if you don't get these things straight."


I haven't! Sounds like I should, though :D


Thanks, keeping that in mind next time I see my nieghbours dragon.


Draig dw i. ;-)


Draig dw i hefyd XD


Dych chi? ;) (?)


Usually you learn about apples and milk here you learn about dragons


I know. Having participated in other Duo classes I was surprised. But most country's flags don't have dragons on them.


Well, you don't want to fumble the first time you have to greet a Welsh dragon, right? They can get mean if you're not polite...


Neither apples. Anyway, "I have two dragons in my pocket" would be an interesting and pretty unique sentence to learn :D (I had this sentence with apples in some other languages.)

[deactivated user]

    The Red Dragon, Y Ddraig Goch (and it is not a typo :P )


    I have seen this word other places as "Ddraig." Is the second "d" optional?


    No; it's a grammatical thing called "mutation" where the first letter of a word can change in certain grammatical environments, such as from d to dd (this particular change is "soft mutation").

    So depending on the grammatical surrounding, it either must be d or it must be dd. (Or it must be something else such as n, with nasal mutation.)


    Hello Wales I am Iba learning your language! :) ♡♡


    I love that this is so early in the course :P


    it is in our amazing flag after all :D


    The Welsh flag is surely one of the most awesome in the entire world! Love it!


    That's the reason. I couldn't imagine why.


    So similar to Irish in order, Dia duit ó Éirinn


    I love thay duolingo has addes Welsh now. Greats start to the corse. I have been saying "draig" when ever I meet someone in Cardiff. Lol. Join my Welsh club = QW3MYH xx


    Is the sound right? It was rather a thrait for me, and I couldn't recognize unfortunately. (I must still get accustomed to Welsh pronounce, so different from all the languages I met...)


    It was an error, i've logged a complaint


    Unfortunately, they can't fix sound errors, according to their facebook page.


    Is the Welsh 'r' rolled or not?


    I know that "Draig" is a feminine but would an adjective still mutate if the "Draig" you are talking about is a male?


    I live dragons! More flags should have dragons on them. Can I have a welsh friend? I wish there was a way to talk to one another on this app. Anyone know where I can look to connect and maybe write to a native speaker?


    Many countries have Welsh societies. Perhaps if you went to your local public library, they could find out if there is a Welsh language group or a Welsh cultural association near you or allow you to put up a card on their notice board appealing for other Welsh learners to join you.

    Britain has a Welsh language TV channel called S4C. Check out their website. S4C has one of Britain's longest running soap operas, which is called "Pobl Y Cwm". Another program you will enjoy is "Noson Llawen". It is an evening of folk songs, dancing, comedy, poetry, etcetera.

    I live in Carmarthen, which is not the biggest city in Wales. It is not even the biggest town in this county, but S4C is building its new headquarters here because it is one of the Welshest towns in Wales. I hope you will visit us. You will see road signs and shop signs in Welsh. You will find many people who can speak Welsh and they are really nice. They are willing to help people trying to speak their language. If you do not know the Welsh word for anything, use the English. That is what most Welsh people do.


    Dw i'n caru S4C!!

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