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  5. "Dych chi eisiau ci?"

"Dych chi eisiau ci?"

Translation:Do you want a dog?

January 26, 2016



How come "Dych chi eisiau cath?'' is wrong?


There is no cath/cat in this sentence.


;-) there was no ci either! Looks like you might be looking at the wrong question. Both cath and ci were offered options to fill a space.


Aha! Ok, now that you say it was a 'fill in the gap' question it was easy to find the problem. Now fixed - the only valid choice is ci.

The change may take a short while to go live. It may help if you clear your browser cache or restart the app to get it to re-download the lesson.


The exercise is: Fill in the space. The question is: Dw i eisiau _. The options are: cath, gath, cy, ci. Cath is not accepted as a correct answer.


Why not 'cath'? We've just been talking about wanting a cat, so obviously one assumes it must be 'cath', and not 'ci' - which has not been mentioned at all!

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