"Dych chi'n hoffi Owen?"

Translation:Do you like Owen?

January 26, 2016

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Is there any particular reason why we have 'yn' before the verbs here, but not before 'eisiau'?

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Eisiau is a noun, not a verb.


Not entirely correct as yn comes before a verbnoun, not a verb.

The usual sentence pattern here is:

verb + pronoun + yn + verbnoun

Dych chi'n hoffi/mynd/helpu... (Do you like/go/help...)

Eisiau is/was originally a noun that used another construction, but ended up being used in the same part of a sentence as a verbnoun. The fact that it was originally a noun means although we use it like a verbnoun, we still don't use yn before it.

verb + pronoun + eisiau

Dych chi eisiau... (Do you want...)

It's just a weird one, so you just learn it really.


What is there to explain?

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