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"Dw i'n gwerthu esgidiau rhedeg yma."

Translation:I sell running shoes here.

January 26, 2016



Not sure whether "I'm selling" should also be accepted or not?


I'd say so! "Dwi yn gwerthu" = "I am selling".. but if we're talking about the shoes being sold here, then I suppose "I sell" flows a bit better..


I know what you mean but "I am selling" would work too. It's nearly definitely just an oversight as the course has literally just been released into beta.


Yup, I agreed it should be accepted :D That's what beta's good for I suppose, hopefully they'll add it as an acceptable answer eventually!

[deactivated user]

    We do not say trainers in America. Sneakers would be the right word.


    I wouldn't say it's the "right" word, but it would be nice if it was also accepted. I'll report it, keeping in mind it's still beta version- they'll probably add it at some point anyway. :)

    [deactivated user]

      I want Welsh to be available for all, including learners in America.

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