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  5. "Bore da Eleri Lingo."

"Bore da Eleri Lingo."

Translation:Good morning, Eleri Lingo.

January 26, 2016



Who's Eleri Lingo?


Dewi Lingo's sister?


Good question. ;)


I'm a little annoyed it's giving us all these names to learn instead of actual vocab - I'm trying to test out of the skills and even though I get the Welsh right, I'm spelling these names wrong so it marks it down as wrong! At least make them actual names and not things like 'Mr Lingo'...


I completely agree with you, I grew up learning welsh and I think these names are pointless and stereotypical. I don't know about for other languages but for Norwegian no names have been used, at least this early on


The names are in the notes at the beginning of the chapter. It'd be easy enough to check the notes and write them down.


Even so, surely it's overkill? Wouldn't two names be enough (and a single, first name would be nice instead of multiple full names that seem like a waste of space on an app that could be better used for relevant vocabulary)?

Also, as I tend to use this app on the bus, writing them down often isn't convenient (if it was, I'd be writing everything down to help me learn it).


I can understand where you are coming from but I will give it credit that the particular name in this sentence, 'Eleri' is a great way to learn how to pronounce the Welsh accent correctly. I have spent at least 5 minutes repeating myself trying to make it not sound like it has a Mersey side inflection.


Ditch all the names.. I don't need to remember how to spell random names.


I do find it a bit odd, combining Welsh names with Duolingo and Lingo. I'd be less confused if it was just Welsh names, or Lingo and Duolingo being used as the proper nouns.


Ive been thinking that too


Yeah, I find the Lingo names very annoying. For one, that's not how anyone talks - you use first names. And it's just a bit needlessly confusing. It throws me out on the listening questions fairly often because I'm not listening out for a random non-Welsh word.

The first time I saw one ("Weles i ffrog Ceri Lingo") I actually assumed it was a brand name, and went for "I saw a Ceri Lingo dress" - which I'm 99.9% sure is grammatically correct, but obviously got slapped down...

Don't agree about dropping names altogether though. You need to know common names of a language if you're going to use it, might as well start here.


No need for all the names IMO.

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