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  5. "Croeso Sioned."

"Croeso Sioned."

Translation:Welcome Sioned.

January 26, 2016


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Can anyone explain the spelling behind this? It almost follows Irish spelling rules (and this name is very nearly Sinéad) but it was my understanding that Welsh does not have the same broad/slender split that Irish does. Is S followed by I also pronounced [sh] in Welsh, or is this name unusual in that regard?


With the disclaimer that I'm not speaker of Welsh, I believe si is typically pronounced sh. In Welsh speaking parts of Wales, one will see signs like siop for shop, and it's said more or less the same as in England.


I'm not Welsh, but as far as I know, "si" is "sh" before a vowel. "sh" in the end of a word is the normal English "sh". But I don't know if "si" before a consonant is possible. If so, is it pronounced like "see"?


In welsh if you follow an S with an i it becomes a "sh" sound. eg. Sian Williams


The Welsh 'si' is just like the pronunciation of a few words of the Irish language. Some words that start with an 's' can make a 'shi' sound; and will be followed with an 'a', an 'e', or an 'i' and maybe even a 'u' (and possibly a 'y') might manipulate the pronunciation of the Celtic linguistic word.

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