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  5. "I want ten oranges."

"I want ten oranges."

Translation:Dw i eisiau deg oren.

January 26, 2016



Should this be 'deg orennau', or do we use the singular when counting?


Yes, up to ten, singular is used, it seems to include ten. But the construction "deg o ..." (ten of ...) would need plural!


Why is it dw i eisiau instead of dw i'n eisiau? Is there a rule or is it irregular?


Is this what you might call polite in welsh, in the sense that in English in a shop you might say not "I want..." but "I would like" or "je voudrais..." not "Je veux" "Ich moechte/Ich haette gern" not "Ich will" etc?


quite interestingly, "isio" is used here, instead of "eisiau"! I'll try this out in other places.

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