"I want ten oranges."

Translation:Dw i eisiau deg oren.

January 26, 2016

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Should this be 'deg orennau', or do we use the singular when counting?


so this would be deg oren, but un deg un orenau?


No. You can either use "number + singular noun" or "number + o + plural noun".

The o + plural is more common with larger numbers, always with a thousand and over, and also if you want to emphaise that you are talking about a number of individually considered items. Many people will use it when saying how many children they have, for example, or how many various coins/cars/parsnips/stamps they have in their collection.

  • Dw i eisiau tri afal. - I want three apples.
  • Mae tri phlentyn gyda ni; Mae tri o blant gyda ni. - We have three children.
  • Mae'r car 'ma yn costio pum can punt; Mae'r car 'ma yn costio pum cant o bunnau; Mae'r car 'ma yn costio hanner mil o bunnau. - This car costs five hundred pounds.
  • Mae'r car 'na yn costio pum mil o bunnau. - That car costs five thousand pounds.


I am sure it should be orenau for plural?

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