"Dw i wedi gwisgo sanau."

Translation:I have put on socks.

January 26, 2016

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One of the correct translations is "I wave worn socks" - obviously a typo, but thought I'd bring it up :)


I wrote "put socks on" and was marked wrong, this is how most speakers of Anglic (languages related to and including English) say it, so I reported it.


Why is "I wore socks" wrong? Is that a different tense? If so how do you say that in Welsh?


"Dw i" (Rydw i) is always used in the present tense. This sentence implies that "I have put on socks" now or today.

To say I wore socks you would either say: "Gwisgais sanau" gwisgais being something you have done in the past tense or "Roeddwn i yn gwisgo sanau" (I was wearing socks).


I just want you to know that I thought, at first, that your profile picture was the top part of a black dragon's face eyeing to the right. So that was fun.


That's Áine's nose (my dog). :)

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