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  5. "Dw i wedi mynd allan."

"Dw i wedi mynd allan."

Translation:I have gone out.

January 26, 2016



Is there a difference between "allan" and "ma's"?


"allan" is used colloquially in north Wales, "ma's" in the south.


Ma's is dialectical and used more commonly in the south; allan is more standard.


I'm a Hwntw and I've never heard of "ma's", I was always taught "allan", But fy Athrawes Cymraeg was a Gog so it's not surprising...


I've just been marked down on 'allan'. I'm a valley boy too but have never come across 'ma's'


'Dw i wedi mynd allan.' is the main answer here. Exactly what was your full answer?


Really? mas is really common all over south Wales.


Not for the first time I've been caught out talking through my hat and, of course, you're correct although, sadly (to take you out of context slightly), Welsh speaking is still not 'really common all over south Wales'). What I should've said (in my ignorance) is that the form 'ma's' (as opposed to 'allan') was not previously familiar to me. But that's no excuse and, on consulting Alun Rhys Cownie's excellent Dictionary of Welsh/English idioms, I deservedly stand condemned of being 'ma's ohoni' or 'ma's o drefn' or even 'ma's o reswm'. Or perhaps I could plead to being 'ma's o hwyl' at the time. Anyway (genuinely), diolch: I've learned something useful.

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