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  5. "Yr oren a'r lemon."

"Yr oren a'r lemon."

Translation:The orange and the lemon.

January 26, 2016

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I got this as a "select the missing word" question but no options come up - it has to be skipped. Probably a bug or something, just pointing it out.


I also get this as a "select the missing word" with no options given and it has to be skipped...but I just got the same exercise like 5 times in a row and have to keep skipping it. Definitely a bug, please fix!


for now you can "test out" this section... quick fix solution until the problem's solved :)


The "select the missing word, but no options" issue comes up when I test out, too.

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Yes, but it only came up once when I tested out. I lost a heart but still tested out.

When I tried to just do the lesson I could never finish it because this sentence just came popping up over and over again...


We are aware of this error and feel your pain - it's annoying from our side too. I've disabled it for now and hopefully it won't show anymore! I'll contact Duo to see what can be done.


It still shows up :(


Diolch yn fawr! :)


Concur with other learners!


How many times can you skip before it gives up and lets you progress? I can't get out of this same question! Rhwystredig iawn!


This "select the missing word" is useless here, if I reach till the end, this part cuts all my tryings and I am not able to go forward...


I had to try it at least 5 times, when I had the luck not to see this part again and I made it. At least I learnt well how to use the "the" :)


Temporary solution: test out of the skill :) (It's only one lesson)


Guys, I've made a sticky for this. Any further comments, please post them here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13207310

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