"I like Shrewsbury."

Translation:Dw i'n licio Amwythig.

January 26, 2016

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If the suggestion is Yr Amwythig for shrewsbury, why is it not 'r Amwythig after hoffi? As in, "dw i'n hoffi'r amwythig"


This is an awkward one, as Daniel says locally Shrewsbury is Yr Amwythig. Would Llwydlo, Llanllieni or Croesoswallt be better places at this stage, if you want an English town with a Welsh name close to the border?


So why is the usual "dw i'n hoffi" not an option in this case? Does it have to do with Shrewsbury starting with "Yr", or is this a bug? If this is a mutation thing…it's not something we've encountered before, nor has it been explained.


Constantly being presented with new terms unaccompanied by definitions or explanations is making this course pretty frustrating.


this is the first time I encountered this :-( so how should i have known?

[deactivated user]

    Are licio and hoffi more or less interchangeable? This is the first time I've seen licio on this course.


    If licio=hoffi, how about telling us before presenting it?


    Why is "dwi'n hoffi" a required version? I picked "dw i'n hoffi" and it said i missed one of the correct answers

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