"Dydd Sul, Dydd Llun"

Translation:Sunday, Monday

January 26, 2016



Do sul or llun have anything to do with the sun and moon or is it happy coincidence that they look like Latinate words for sun and moon?

January 26, 2016


not a coincidence. ;) they're direct equivalents of Sunday and Monday after all.

January 26, 2016



I'm surprised they're not noted in the tips and notes - I wasn't sure if I'd guessed right, and all the other days had the planets they were named for listed next to them, but neither of these two did.

Is it from an archaic meaning or (very possible ;)) is Google translate really terrible at Welsh? I tried typing in sul which returned sul (helpful) and llun which returned photo LOL which confused me. (It's actually only just occurred to me to see if it's any more helpful the other way around... it's late, I'm being unusually dense today...)

Edit: Okay, so Google gives me absolutely different words for sun and moon, so now I'm doubly curious if they're archaic or borrowed words, or if Google is really really terrible at Welsh? ;D

January 27, 2016


yep, I was surprised too that these were skipped, they are pretty obvious ones. the days' names are generally calques from Latin, they just Welshified them. the regular Welsh words are haul for 'sun' (s>h sound change, so it's standard Indo-European) and lleuad for 'moon' (not sure where exactly this comes from, my etymological dictionaries say nothing, but I think it was sth to do with light). llun indeed means 'picture', so google translate is not messing with you this time. but I definitely do not recommend it for translating sentences, it goes completely nuts because of the word order and mutates at random.

January 27, 2016


Oh, I always take Google translate with a huuuuuge pinch of salt! Thanks, this is helpful to know.

January 27, 2016


Actually they are, that's why "dydd' is used in front of the days of the week.that way they are not confused with the planets.

August 22, 2016


Are the u's here pronounced /i/, /y/...? I can't tell.

February 15, 2016


they are pronounced ee, so /i/ in IPA

February 17, 2016


anyone else having happy days flashbacks

May 9, 2016


Couple of months has passed, but I'm still fighting to say it quick. :) The hell of a tongue twister.

June 14, 2016
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