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  5. "Dw i ddim eisiau tegannau."

"Dw i ddim eisiau tegannau."

Translation:I do not want toys.

January 26, 2016



Is the "si" in "eisiau" always pronounced like an "sh" or like an "s" or does it change?


I think it's a regional thing. South Walians tend to say "eisiau", wheras North Walians tend to say "eisho" or "isho"


I've always pronounced it as a 'sh' sound (I'm south wales). Just do whatever feels more natural :)


I've heard West Walians say eiSiau but South we often use eiSHau... least thats what everyone in my school was taught so who knows?! am gutted as I only didn't know the vocab for 'toys' so I got no points... won't forgot now though!


Teganau is listed as both correct and incorrect in the same practice set.


The correct plural is teganau, but tegannau was entered as a typo and we cannot get rid of it completely until the next version of the course goes live (soon, we hope).

One version was missing from one sentence, now fixed. Both versions will work in this version of the course, but stick with teganau.

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