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  5. "Prynhawn da"

"Prynhawn da"

Translation:Good afternoon

January 26, 2016



What's the difference between prynhawn and pnawn?


P'nawn is a contraction, like "can't" or "doesn't" in English.


Thank you so much! :)


I think you should write it prynhawn, but pnawn is more how it is pronounced in casual conversation.


Im having a hard time hearing this word. How is it pronounced?


Hi Emily, Prynhawn is prounounced Prun-hown

Pryn rhymes with run, and hawn sounds like how.

Hope this helps!


Oh! I always thought it was 'prin' as in princess! Thank you, the more you know huh :)


It sounds more like 'Penhoun' i.e. no 'r' after the 'p'. I'm now wondering how many more words I'm mishearing


Etymological question... do the parts of the words seperate as well? Meaning part means "noon" and another means "after" or something similar. Or is it simply a stanalone creation? Diolch


Apparently, it's from pryd "time" and nawn "nones" -- i.e. the time of the ninth hour of the Roman day, or originally about 3 pm. Hence, the time of the nones was afternoon.

The second part is related to English "noon" which also derives from the same Latin word as the Welsh one.


So noon originally meant afternoon?


So noon originally meant afternoon?

Not the entire afternoon, but yes, it seems that "noon" originally referred to the time when the nones prayer was said: three-quarters of the way between sunrise and sunset, so usually around three in the afternoon.

But since the Romans just divided up the time between sunrise and sunset into 12 parts, and the sun doesn't rise or set at the same time all through the year, the exact time for nones (according to a modern clock where all hours are the same length) would vary.

The meaning "time when the sun is highest in the sky" seems to have come later.


Do you know they say Polish is one of the hardest language out there for the native English speaker, I think if you chance you mindset to positive you would see its not really if you listen closely to some of the words in polish and think what it sounds like in English you would see it is kind of close really, its more of the grammar I have a pub with, I mean I have no Polish relative no polish decent and a minor learning disability yet I got used to the polish pronunciation within a month or two and I feel comfortable learning the language and yet I have never been to Poland, odd really, I find there language away from the germanic and Romance languages more interesting and a challenge, I find romance and Germanic languages more easier for me yet I am not fluent in any only my own the now, well when I was growing up I could think and sing one song I would know what I was singing and different languages would come out of my mouth when I sing different words of the song, my mum said it was gibberish Then I checked up google and keyed in the words and it said it came from many languages, yet iv never heard of them well apart from spanish, up until now, so maybe its some gift I need to unravel iv never know iv had.

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