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  5. "Dw i ddim yn hoffi cinio."

"Dw i ddim yn hoffi cinio."

Translation:I don't like dinner.

January 26, 2016



the bigger question is who doesn't like lunch


Hmm... I'm supposed to dislike cinio, but like dydd Llun? I don't know about this strange place, Cymru, yet. :-)


"cinio" means both lunch and dinner? So it's used for any after-midday meal?


Just the midday meal as far as I know. In Britain, English speakers call the midday meal 'lunch' or 'dinner' depending on region, social background etc. So if anything it's the English word 'dinner' that's used for any after-midday meal.


Ha, two people divided by a common language. Completely forgot about that. Thanks!


Its the eternal argument in my house. I say we have dinner at mid-day and then tea later and the hubby insists it's lunch and then dinner. He says it's because I'm a townie and he's a valley boy and I tell him he's just trying to be posh! (and failing!)


Hot Dog surprise again! I'm sure it's made out of spiders.


Muffet? Is that you?


I've noticed that a lot of words end in io(for example, nofio, cinio, smwddio) what does that ending mean?


It usually means the word is a verb. "Cinio" isn't, of course, but most other words ending in io are, such as sgwrsio (to chat), sgorio (to score), coginio (to cook) etc.

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