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  5. "Good afternoon"

"Good afternoon"

Translation:Prynhawn da

January 27, 2016



Is the r silent in prynhawn?


Does anyone know any good phone keyboard apps that have Welsh as an option? Edit: I've been using SwiftKey for a few months. It has Welsh autocorrect. It's pretty good, but it works better on Android.


Windows - 'To Bach v2'

Android and iOS - SwiftKey

MacOS and iOS - not strictly needed. Use Welsh keyboard layout in MacOS. On iOS, set 'Region' to UK then just keep keys pressed to bring up pop-up accented characters including ŵ, ŷ, ï, etc (otherwise use Swiftkey).


Multi-ling keyboard

[deactivated user]

    This is a hard word any tips


    Just keep practising! Duolingo works by repeating words and phrases in a structured way, so your memory of particular phrases will improve as you practise a little each day.


    I remember it as PRynhAWN - PRAWN with 'ynh' (standing for 'you need help') after the PR. It took me a while to learn it, but I'm pretty much there, these days.

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